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Top 5 Web Design Ideas

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#1 CSS Mania

As A web designer I am always looking for top web design ideas. We all gather our inspirations from other websites and seem to use them on our own projects over time. CSS Mania is filled with amazing ideas which other web developer or designers have complied together to make beautiful websites. CSS Mania is probably my most favourite website for looking at quality web designs hence I am ranking this #1 on my list.

#2 Stylevault

This website is number 2 on my list. This is because they have some beautiful clean websites on showcase. The showcase around 537 of the best web designs on the net currently. This is great for ideas for all web designers.

#3 thedesigninspiration

Again great ideas and some great examples of HTML 5 and CSS 3 websites using the latest jQuery plugins. This website can appeal to a front end web developer too.

#4 Cart

Web design for an eCommerce shop is a little bit different hence specialist web design showcase site like Cart Frenzy are great for ideas for eCommerce shops.

#5 eCommerce Gallery

Again this is another showcase of eCommerce shops and there are some really great examples of beautiful eCommerce shops.

Anymore more please make some suggestions of your favorite web designs.

Changing Attribute Set After Product is Created in Magento

I wanted to create a new attribute set called ‘Non Salable’ so that some products showed no price but some did. The problem was that my client had created around 500 products already and wanted to change some of these products to not display the price. So once I created this new attribute set I was stuck in changing the attribute set for existing products. I discovered Flagbit Change Attribute Set plugin from Magento Connect which allows you to change and update attribute sets very easily. The plugin can be found here.

I usually used to re-create products again just to change the attribute sets but with this there is no more of that with this great plugin.

How to Remove /category/ From Your WordPress URL

Hi this is just a quick tip to improve your blog post URL. Let’s get straight to the point please see the URL below:

This is usually the default URL that WordPress outputs. There is no point having category or anything else here so to clean up your URL like I have place the following in your WordPress .htaccess file:

RewriteRule ^category/(.+)$$1 [R=301,L]

With the code above in your .htaccess file my URL has now been changed to:

That’s it, you will now have simple and clean URLs which are search engine friendly.

Just a quick update! The easiest way to do the above if you don’t want to get your hands dirty is by installing a great WordPress plugin called WP No Category Base. This plugin is easy to install just download it and install that’s it!

To download the plugin click here.

Supercharge Your Web Hosting For Free

Speed Up Your Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting a website which company do you choose? Choosing the right hosting company is very important for many reasons especially SEO. My website is hosted by a company called IPage who are cheap and do offer many perks but lacks in consistency and in performance. It takes forever for my news page to load I think the SEO Doctor plugin for Firefox clocked it at 19.6 seconds at one point. I watched a video blog by a chap called Billy McGovern who explained why IPage are not so good and the problems he has been having. Please click here to watch his video now.

So here I was disappointed that I have still got another 5 months left on my contract and trying to find a way to speed things up. I shortly stumbled upon CloudFlare which is a free and simple solution for everyone.

CloudFlare is a free and simple to use. It is a system that is a proxy between your visitor and your hosting company’s server. CloudFlare caches content from your web pages which reduces the number of requests to your server.

CloudFlare increases your website’s speed by up to 30% and has many benefits for using their free service such as improving site performance, bot and treat protection, spam comment protection, offline browsing mode, alerting visitors of infected computers and lowering your server’s CPU usage. With all the advantages I do strongly advise everyone to take advantage of the free service CloudFlare have to offer us.

For people with WordPress sites, please also download a plugin called WP Super Cache which will help your to speed up your WordPress.

To start using CloudFlare go here.

To download WP Super Cache click here.